Our Management System

Management 1

The company is administered by the Board of Directors consisting of seven Directors leading by the Chairman and the Managing Director. All they are adequately experienced and qualified. Besides, the company only employs skillful, experienced and HACCP trained personnel as the responsible head of each department.


It is one of the most modern and beautiful fish processing factories in Khulna, Bangladesh. The company has following facilities :

1) Production Capacity :
    a) Semi IQF & Block Frozen 14 M. Tons/24 hours.
    b) IQF 19 M. Tons/24 hours.
    c) IQF Machine: Capacity 750 kg per hour with Double Hardening & Double Glazing with required compressor & condenser.
   d) Cooking Machine: Capacity 500 kg per hour.
2) Storing Capacity :
   a) 3 Cold stores 780 M. Tons.
3) Ice Production :
   a) Flake Ice 20 M. Tons/24 hours.

At present this factory is running with two fully equipped modern lines, one for shrimps and another for white fishes in three shifts.

Management 2

Our processing plants are equipped with in-house laboratories. Here we check the sensory quality of our products (flavor, odor, texture and color) and some important chemical parameters like pH and organic acids. For the quality control on microbiology and the monitoring of contaminants we use the services of accredited external laboratories. This enables us to focus on the quality of our products whilst the external laboratories can focus on the quality of the analyses. 

The control of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products is set up in such a way that we can guarantee that each delivery complies with the specifications and the high quality standards that customers expect from Achia Sea Foods Limited.

Management 3

The food safety system implemented by Achia Sea Foods Limited is based on the HACCP principles. A detailed evaluation of raw materials and processes has taken place, identifying all possible risks and dangers. By doing so we were able to address every risk appropriately and take effective measures to eliminate these risks. This analysis has resulted in a number of so-called Critical Control Points. These points are key for the quality of the final product. A few examples are:

The Control of Foreign Objects
1. Metal detectors have been installed at the end of every packaging line.
2. Most of the shrimp are still peeled by hand. This way the foreign materials that may be present (wood, other seafood species, shells etc.) are also removed.
3. No glass is allowed in the factory.
4. Coated and encapsulated light tubes.
5. Water treatment plant.
6. Waste water management.

Cooking Time & Temperature
This is essential in order to ensure micro-biologically safe products.

Control of Preservation Techniques
Every batch is tested for correct preservation. This guarantees that the products are safe to eat during the whole of their shelf life.

Next to the above measures Achia Sea Foods Limited set up an extensive programme on the monitoring of contaminants. Regular checks are carried out in order to establish the absence of heavy metals, residues of antibiotics etc.