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Assalamualikum, I’m Tariqul Islam Zaheer, the Managing Director, of Achia Sea Foods Ltd. Firstly I am grateful to almighty Allah for my present business, economical & social position. I am honored to share my seafood business experience as the founder of this leading seafood processor and exporter of Bangladesh. Seafood is my personal passion and family business. This was started from deep sea and... Read More

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Our Facilities

Contact Plate Freezer Capacity - 17.50 MT/Day

Our Company uses most modern contact Plate Freezer in itsfreezing time to go through a perfect block frozen product where the core temp of the block becomes -18°c.

Spiral Freezer

We have a wonderful spiral freezer in our freezing time to keep our shrimp individually frozen (IQF) with a double hardening line where around 30% glazing can be achieved.

24 Hour Emargency Service

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Production Capacity

Semi IQF & Block Frozen 14 M. Tons/24 hours. IQF 19 M. Tons/24 hours. IQF Machine: Capacity 750 kg per hour with Double Hardening & Double Glazing with required compressor & condenser. Cooking Machine: Capacity 500 kg per hour.

Storing Capacity

3 Cold stores 780 M. Tons.

Flake Ice Maker

The company has its own Ice maker.

Block Ice: 20 M. Tons/24 Hours.
Flake Ice 10 M. Tons/24 Hours

Export Country


Our Speciality

To prepare a quality product, quality raw materials is essential. So, we have our own raw materials production from own pond. As we have a wide movement in farming area. So we have same contracted sourcing of raw materials.