Our Facilities

Contact Plate Freezer Capacity - 17.50 MT/Day

Our Company uses most modern contact Plate Freezer in its freezing time to go through a perfect block frozen product where the core temp of the block becomes -18°c.

Spiral Freezer

We have a wonderful spiral freezer in our freezing time to keep our shrimp individually frozen (IQF) with a double hardening line where around 30% glazing can be achieved.

24 Hour Service

We have 24 hours service for the convenience of our customers.

Production Capacity

Semi IQF & Block Frozen 14 M. Tons/24 hours. IQF 19 M. Tons/24 hours. IQF Machine: Capacity 750 kg per hour with Double Hardening & Double Glazing with required compressor & condenser. Cooking Machine: Capacity 500 kg per hour.

Storing Capacity

3 Cold stores 780 M. Tons.

Flake Ice Maker

The company has its own Ice maker.

Block Ice: 20 M. Tons/24 Hours.
Flake Ice 10 M. Tons/24 Hours

Export Country


Our Speciality

To prepare a quality product, quality raw materials is essential. So, we have our own raw materials production from own pond. As we have a wide movement in farming area. So we have same contracted sourcing of raw materials.